Bespoke Design Process

Estimate price from a concept

Once you have seen your customer’s jewellery, sketch, or photograph, why not use our gemculator™ to quote an estimated retail price to your customer in a few minutes whilst you serve them wine, tea, or coffee! There is no need to call a manufacturer, or email them a design, and then wait for an approximate quote

Post your job

Post a job on our bespoke design platform mentioning the required finger size, approximate diamond sizes / weights, design profile, and any verbal instructions, adding relevant images. If you have a specific metal weight required, mention that too. Mention your setting type - channel, prong, bezel, micropave, nick, and more.

Accept a quote

JewelCounter works with a global team of certified CAD designers who will ask clarification questions or directly bid on an individual job with an estimated delivery time and cost. After you accept a quote, most 3D designs are delivered to you within 24 to 48 hours for review.

Review and order

Review, discuss, and request changes on a dedicated job view board that records every discussion and iteration of the design. This allows us to monitor all communication between yourself and the designers and resolve problems, if any. Once you (and your customer) are satisfied with the 3D view of the design, you can order the product to your required specification – choose the metal and gemstones and add it to the shopping cart.

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Suitable for new retailers
  • 1 Bespoke design per month
  • Produce from your own CAD files
Suitable for small to medium scale retailers and new designers
  • 5 Bespoke designs per month
  • Produce from your own CAD files
  • Customise Thousands of Designs
  • Choose Certified Diamonds
  • Get access to the gemculator , retail pricing tool, and additional functionalities
Suitable for established designers and medium to large scale retailers
  • Unlimited bespoke designs per month
  • Produce from your own CAD files
  • Customize Thousands of Designs
  • Choose certified diamonds
  • Get access to the gemculator , retail pricing tool, and additional functionalities