Bespoke Design Process

Technical services

Sign up to the relevant subscription plan on JewelCounter. Once your account has been setup follow the next steps. Purchase a domain name of your choice and a company specific email service plan from any reputed service provider. Let our customer service team know when you are done.

Website setup

We will work with you to quickly setup your website for a one-time charge. You may then review the training videos and documents to learn how to manage your website. Choose your desired theme, add the graphics, and social media connections. The website manager allows you to update everything at your convenience.

Curate collections

Browse thousands of designs in the marketplace and choose to add them into your website. You may also add our suggested collections with a simple click. We have made assortments for your convenience.

Promote your website

Setting up an online store with the right marketing strategy will yield exceptional results. Educate yourself on digital marketing and partner with an independent or small-size marketing agency who understands the ecosystem within your target market.

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Suitable for new retailers
  • 1 Bespoke design per month
  • Produce from your own CAD files
Suitable for small to medium scale retailers and new designers
  • 5 Bespoke designs per month
  • Produce from your own CAD files
  • Customise Thousands of Designs
  • Choose Certified Diamonds
  • Get access to the gemculator , retail pricing tool, and additional functionalities
Suitable for established designers and medium to large scale retailers
  • Unlimited bespoke designs per month
  • Produce from your own CAD files
  • Customize Thousands of Designs
  • Choose certified diamonds
  • Get access to the gemculator , retail pricing tool, and additional functionalities