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JewelCounter is an integrated software, design, and product delivery solution created to assist independent and mid-size jewellery retailers in improving their business metrics. By using our digital and manufacturing services, retailers no longer need to invest in stock, order multiple quantities of a single design, or worry about coordinating with several people to get one high-quality delivery. Time can be invested effectively on sales and customer relationship management.

Over 25,000 one-piece orders have been successfully delivered across finger sizes via the JewelCounter eco-system using regular or alternative metals, natural, certified, or lab created diamonds, brilliant cuts and single cuts, gemstones, and findings.

Using the flexibility of this platform, retailers can engage consumers by show-casing a variety of designs, allow them to customise or create exactly what they want, and deliver it within a few weeks. Explore our subscription plans to see which service is right for you and sign up for a no-charge trial account to understand how the platform works.

JewelCounter services are available for the retail trade and industry use only. We require an active debit or credit card to conduct transactions. All new sign-ups are verified for eligibility. We request that members of the public approach their trusted jeweller for any requirements.

Our Manufacturing

Using the combined power of digital automation, high precision processes, and the skilled and affectionate human touch, we have discovered a better way to design and manufacture jewellery. The JewelCounter software is integrated with various computer systems globally that regularly exchange data with each other and process every order individually through over 25 steps of manufacturing jewellery, 24 hours a day.

Orders are produced at Sunjewels, a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit employing over 1,000 people and having been in business since 1985. The latest facilities in Seepz, Mumbai are designed by Japanese consultants from the automobile industry. Mumbai is the heart of the diamond and gemstone trading market.

Sunjewels is the preferred production source for leading luxury brands and retailers in mainland Europe, the UK, and the US. Please see the attached video for a peek into the JewelCounter production section

All diamonds processed at Sunjewels are compliant with the Kimberley Process and the manufacturing facilities are RJC certified. Separate sections are maintained to process fully tested lab grown and natural diamonds, and every stone after being set in jewellery is finally inspected by hand with a pintouch diamond tester again.

Our team of associates practice yoga on the shopfloor over 25 years and there is a high emphasis on taking care about human values and the environment at large. The company is a strong supporter of rural education, meal systems for orphans, and helping the girl child.

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Suitable for new retailers
  • 1 Bespoke design per month
  • Produce from your own CAD files
Suitable for small to medium scale retailers and new designers
  • 5 Bespoke designs per month
  • Produce from your own CAD files
  • Customise Thousands of Designs
  • Choose Certified Diamonds
  • Get access to the gemculator , retail pricing tool, and additional functionalities
Suitable for established designers and medium to large scale retailers
  • Unlimited bespoke designs per month
  • Produce from your own CAD files
  • Customise Thousands of Designs
  • Choose certified diamonds
  • Get access to the gemculator , retail pricing tool, and additional functionalities